Coal Crushing and Screening Plant

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East 8km Pingyuan Road
Xinxiang 453000

Indonesia Coal Crushing and Screening Plant     

Zhenyuan Coal Crushing and Screening Plant's largest infeed size: 2.5~3 m.

                                                                                                        Outfeed size: 80~300 mm
                                                                                               largest capacity: 3000~5000 t/h

Whole Set of Coal Mining Processing Machine are avaialble

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Component of Mining Processing Line:

    1. Heavy-duty Continuous Crusher Station (including heavy-duty plate conveyor and single teeth roller crusher)

    2. Large Double Teeth-Roller Crusher

    3. Large Vibrating Screen

    4. Belt Conveyor

    5. Mining Feeder (belt feeder, vibrating feeder)

    6. Fast Loading Buffer Silo

    7. Box-type Substation, Complete Electrical System, Monitoring System, Steel Construe and so on.


    To meet of large and medium size open pit mine material feeding, crushing, screening and transport operations.


    1. High Throughput:

            Throughputs of up to 5000 TPH average, and 5200 TPH peak can be achieved.

    2. Amazing high crushing ratio:

            the 2~3 m size coal can be directly crushed to 300mm

            the 1 m size coal can be directly crushed to 50mm

    3. Compact Dimensions and Lightweight:

            Continuous crusher station has been designed to be light weight, small size, especially suitable for the narrow site work, and able to withstand various weather conditions.

    4. Large Capacity Hopper:

            The hopper can hold up to 200~350 tons of material.

    5. Simple Operation:

           All processes can be controlled and viewed from the control cabin, conveniently located at the top of the station.

Technical Data:

Model PSZ1200 PSZ2000 PSZ2500 PSZ3000 PSZ5000 PSZ10000
Infeed Size (mm) <=1500 <=1800 <=2000 <=2000 <=2000 <=2000
Outfeed Size (mm) <=300 <=300 <=300 <=350 <=350 <=400
Capacity (t/h) 1200 2000 2500 3000 5000 10000